Terms and Conditions.

About Circle.Me

Circle.Me is a private messaging service.  Is it e-mail?  Most people define e-mail as method of exchanging messages utilizing a standardized protocol.  Circle.Me does not use that protocol.  

Instead you get reliable, quick delivery of electronic messages without SPAM.  Circle.Me provides accountability.  Senders can see when the message was read and more.  The old excuses of "I did not get your note" or "I sent it to you yesterday" will not work with Circle.Me.  Both the sender and the receiver can know what actually has happened.

Think about this.  You now have a reliable method of communicating where you know when and if something was viewed as well as when something was actually sent.

Who should use Circle.Me?

Users are those who want the convenience of sending and receiving electronic messages but need to know that the communication was complete, and when.

Team members use Circle.Me to communicate with other members of the team and hold each other accountable.

Customers and managers use Circle.Me to be certain that everyone has gotten the word.

Family members and friends use Circle.Me to have the confidence that everyone knows what is going on without having to take the time to confirm receipt with each person.

WOW, reliable communication, no spam.

How Do I Use Circle.Me?

You need to be invited into someone's Circle.  This will happen via a traditional E-Mail that has a link to the registration process.

Sign On.  Read and understand the Terms and Conditions.  Accept Them.  Fill out the brief registration form.

You are now a member.  Read the message that you were sent.  Respond if you wish.

Consider subscribing. If you want to send messages you need to subscribe. Once you do, follow the steps below to get started:
  • Create your first Circle.  A Circle is a list of recipients that might get messages from you relating to some project, team group or other part of your life where you want to communicate with others.

  • Invite people to join your Circle.  Circle.Me will allow you to send a special invitation to others through their E-Mail address.  The invitation will include a link that will allow the recipient to join your Circle.  You will be able to see who has joined your Circle and when they did it.  Unfortunately, at this point you will not know who did receive your E-Mail and chose to ignore it.  This is one of the problems that Circle.Me will help to solve.  You may have to speak personally with the person you sent the note to to get them to respond.  Once they do, you will not have to worry about that problem regularly.  Remember that the most important people in your Circle will want to join (even if their reason is that you had to tell them to).

  • Send a Message.  You can have more than one Circle.  Pick your Circle.  Enter your message.  Attach a file o two if you wish.  Pick the recipients if you do not want to send it to everyone in the Circle or send it to the entire Circle.  Decide whether to send them a HEADS UP to let them know via traditional e-mail that you have an important message for them.  Press SEND.

  • Enjoy Knowing.  Monitor the results.  You will be able to tell when the recipient last logged on to Circle.Me.  You will be able to tell when they last looked at your Circle.  You will be able to tell when they actually opened the message. They might even respond.  If you see that they have not read the message, you might want to PROD them with a traditional E-Mail from Circle.Me, or with a telephone call, or with a personal visit.
What about Privacy?

We do not plan to make information about individuals, their Circles, or their messages available to people outside of a Circle.  Remember that various governments may want to know about these things and we may not have a practical choice in the matter.

And Advertising?

Probably in the future.  We know that if we allow advertising to become a major hassle we will lose users.


We will work hard to keep Circle.Me up and running as much as possible.  Scheduled and Unscheduled outages will occur.

The Future?

Things change.  If we make changes to our Terms and Conditions in the future, we will present them to you and ask you to accept or decline.

What is Our Relationship?

Circle.Me will endeavor to provide Awesome Messaging.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you don't, then quit.  By accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree not to sue or take other legal action against us.  We may terminate your usage at any time.

I have Read the Terms and Conditions

I Accept the Terms and Conditions